Small moment of happiness at TEDx Brussels 2013

TED events are not only a place where you find out all about the inspiring life and business experiences, cutting-edge technology, amazing science projects, etc.. but also, the place to get the best out of the latest techniques in creating music.

This year TEDx Brussels offered two special musical moments.  Amalya Delepierre and Tim Exile made music out of nothing and, the result blew us away. Music makes me happy, and I am probably not alone in here, so having access to this experience was definitely a moment of happiness.

amalyaAmalya came on stage and started to play several on instruments, one by one, while recording the sound produced of each of them. She then merged them all together, and added her beautiful voice .. the result you can all enjoy below:

Afterwards, it was Tim’s turn to bring on stage his creativity and show-off his improvisations skills. Using a technique similar to Amalia’s he improvised an electronic song, and I am sure that all the electronic music lovers out there will love it.

And, as William Shakespeare very nicely said: “If music be the food of love, play on”. We can’t contradict Shakespeare, can we? 🙂



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