Get the best from your relationship!

Happy couple cycling in the cityI think that learning this in school would have been useful for my whole life. But nobody taught me. I did learn a few things from my parents, but they were not always an example for a harmonious relationship. I did learn a bit during my interactions with school, university and work colleagues and then a little bit from friends or during my different relationships with a partner. Sometimes I learned the hard way, but most of the times I did not improve anything because I did not know what I was supposed to learn.

I started taking life-classes: attending different trainings, courses, workshops, seminars on life skills in order to become better in what I was doing and to learn more about human relationships. I did learn a lot!

But since I became a coach I started learning from the best: from my clients! Seeing their situations from the outside opened my eyes. I saw that most people have the same issues and the solutions are in their hands! With just a bit of knowledge and some encouragement from a coach/therapist/good friend, you can make a small change and your relationships can improve drastically!

Personal relationships can completely change our world. If we have good, harmonious relationships, we will feel full of energy and completed. If our relationships lack communication, positive energy exchange and love, we will feel lost, without a sense of belonging and connection.

As relationships are so important, how come we do not learn about them in school? Or how come we don’t know that they take energy and commitment? Or how come we don’t know what the others need in order to feel loved and appreciated?

All these questions and the fact that I saw results in my relationships and in those of my clients made me create this short seminar for you.


Seminar The beauty of human interaction: Relationships

Where and when?

Tuesday, December 3, 2013, 18:00 – 20:00, Room 02M004, European Parliament in Brussels

Join us if you:

  • want to learn things that you did not learn in school;
  • want to make a change in your personal or professional relationships;
  • are not currently in a relationship but you want to prepare for one;
  • don’t know what to do anymore to make your partner happy;
  • want to give the best and get the best from your relationships.

What will you take from this seminar?

  • You will learn what are the needs every human being has and how to fulfill them;
  • You will understand that there are 5 main languages of love and appreciation;
  • You will get 10 great tips to improve your relationships.

Register now!

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