Your worst days are truly your best days!

ImageThe words below, belonging to Anthony Robbins, sent me a very powerful message and made me realize how ,sometimes , I give too much importance to a problem, and maybe, even,  become a victim, instead of dealing with it, grow and learn from it.

“There is a very beautiful and guided, and gifted moment when you can realize that your worst days were truly your best days.

Think about it, would you be the person you are today, realized the things you did, unless you would have gone through all the struggles you did? Could you have gained strength, power, wisdom, if your life would have been smooth and without any mountains to climb? Have this in mind the next time you’re going through a difficult time :), and go over it easier.

“When you can realize that every human being goes through pain and injustice, some more than others, but everyone goes through it. Everyone’s had someone being completely injustice and everyone’s had someone hurt them, who they loved and care for deeply, who they trust them, who they looked to for support, for love; it’s part of how we grow spiritually.”

You’re not alone in this game, we all have our part, don’t become a victim because you think it can only happen to you; whatever it is, be sure that, it doesn’t.

“There is no possibility to build muscle without something you have to lift. And if you don’t lift it, it will crash you. And if you lift it, it will be painful, it’s not easy to lift those things. But the day you finally find inside yourself the story in state, that finally makes you no longer be willing to be pressed down by your’past, that day your life not only changes but you’ll also have to give the gift to other.”

 You get fit by going to the gym, and you go back to the gym even if your are in big pain after the first session. But the more you go, the more experienced you become, and the stronger you get. It works the same with all the other things in life..

 “Those who have been physically, mentally, emotionally, sexually or verbally abused in any way, when the injustice goes to that level it creates a spiritual pain, not just a physical pain.But only does who have a spiritual pain have the power to help others, cause it provides a different level of us. Maybe you start to realize that the problems are our gifts, where would we be without our problems?”

Wouldn’t life be boring without our daily smaller and bigger challenges? As Tony says, it’s time to look up for bigger and bolder challenges that will make us grow spiritually and, after we do so, share with others and help them grow as well.

Beautiful speech! Thank You , Tony Robbins!


Will you be happy this year?

happinessWill you be happy this year?
Happiness makes your life better. But you do not need to wait for big things to happen in order to be happy.



In the past two years I tested a theory on my own: that small things do bring happiness. So I started to focus on those little moments or things that gave me joy, that made me smile or made others smile. And I came up with the Small Moments of Happiness concept that I believe it can be an answer to your happiness this year.

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