Will you be happy this year?

happinessWill you be happy this year?
Happiness makes your life better. But you do not need to wait for big things to happen in order to be happy.



In the past two years I tested a theory on my own: that small things do bring happiness. So I started to focus on those little moments or things that gave me joy, that made me smile or made others smile. And I came up with the Small Moments of Happiness concept that I believe it can be an answer to your happiness this year.

Do you want to be happier? Look around, feel, smell, taste, hear those things that can make you happy.You will realize how rich you actually are and your eyes will get used to see those things, people and situations that you can be grateful for. You will develop a new attitude towards life and work, an uptitude.

This attitude is contagious if you share it and you will see that by spreading happiness around, this happiness becomes bigger.

So, if you want to be happier this year, I challenge you with this: notice all the small moments of joy, take photos and share them with friends, family and even with people that you do not know.

  • You can also share them on our Facebook pages: Uptitude or Small Moments of Happiness.
  • You can tag them on Instagram with #smoh, #smallmomentofhappiness or #uptitude
  • You can tag them on Twitter with  #smoh, #smallmomentofhappiness or #uptitude
  • You can send them via email at lidia@uptitude.it and we will take care of sharing.

Next month we are also preparing a 21 days challenge for the Small Moments of Happiness, so stay close and follow us!


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