Need to relax and manage stress? Learn how!

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Worried about work-life balance? You have too much stress in your life?


Yes, it’s time to relax! It’s been quite a while since you did not take a little break. So give yourself 2.5 hours and learn how to relax for when you are stressed out and gain some energy for when you feel that your batteries are running low. Join your workshop!

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In Brussels, let’s meet in the European Parliament or outside

It’s more than a year since I started delivering seminars in the European Parliament in Brussels and I realize now that I managed to make a difference in so many people’s lives. Not because I delivered some content during the seminars or because we had some discussions in our coaching sessions, but because those people decided to take action afterwards. And I want to thank them for not letting vanish the motivation they got and that they used it to get results! And results are the ones that talk today! See more about those results on the Testimonial page.

Every time I organized workshops in the EP, I also had participants that were not necessarily working inside there. So, this time I organized my time differently: we will meet in the European Parliament for some of the best seminars I delivered there and we will have one workshop delivered outside of the EP building, where anyone can register.

We have limited seats: first registered, first served! So, if you want to get what it takes to move a step forward towards your objective or getting out of your problem, take action and register now on the links you have in the description of every seminar.

The topics this time are:

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